“OH! MY! GOD!” She gasps between each word, her entire body convulsing uncontrollably. An amazing euphoria overtakes her senses, her muscles still quivering, she floats on a high no drug could ever induce. Momentarily, she returns to reality. She is greeted by his smug grin, he is clearly amused by his ability to make her […]


Her milky skin is soft under my fingers. She arches back against me as I drag my hand down her spine and over the luscious curve of her ass. Pushing my hand between her thighs from behind, I touch her soft pussy lips with my finger tips. Gently rubbing against her clit, I imagine what […]

His Scent

Before she opens her eyes, she can smell him beside her. A manly mix of pheromones and cologne envelopes her setting her senses on fire. Pressing herself against him, he stirs and groans softly as he pulls her into his arms. Smiling, she slips her hand under his shirt tickling his stomach and up over […]

Wake Up….

She blinks her eyes, trying to forcefully push her sleepy brain into focus. Between her legs, he pushes his fingers inside her with equal forcefulness. Plunging in and out, his tongue finds her clit. Gasping out loud, she grinds back against him. His tongue feverishly laps up her wetness, his fingers eliciting more with each […]

Unexpected Reunion

Warning: Unfinished. …. She holds her breath, her heart racing. She has awaited feeling his touch again for a long time and finally,  83 miles outside of the city limits,  his hand is on her leg. Flashing her a sideways smile from the driver’s seat he squeezes her playfully. Exhaling deeply, she leans over and […]

His Leather Belt

This post may not be used or reprinted without the author’s written permission. His tongue invades my mouth forcefully as his hand closes around my throat. Opening my eyes,  I meet his burning stare. I’ve never seen him look more alive than he does right now. My vision blurs as consciousness begins to slip away. […]