His Leather Belt

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His tongue invades my mouth forcefully as his hand closes around my throat. Opening my eyes,  I meet his burning stare. I’ve never seen him look more alive than he does right now. My vision blurs as consciousness begins to slip away. Just before everything disappears into black, he loosens his grip. My lungs suck air in greedily and my entire body tingles. He holds me tight against his chest allowing me a moment to recover. Then, his mouth is on mine again. His hand is around my throat again.

Sitting between his legs my back against his chest, his hands cupping my breasts he squeezes my nipples between his fingers. Pinching the right side, he runs his left hand up the inside of my thigh. He reaches my knee and spreads my legs apart. His hand rubs over my exposed pussy, he strokes up and down teasingly before plunging his fingers inside me. I lean back into him, gasping, rocking my hips into his hand.

Releasing my nipple, he eases me down until I’m flat on the bed. Angling his body over mine he continues fucking me with his fingers. “Mmm you’re so wet! So so wet…” He trails off as his mouth finds mine again. He slowly pulls his fingers out eliciting a whimpered plea.

“Tell me what you want Papi.” I stare into his eyes anxiously anticipating his answer.

He doesn’t hesitate, “I want to put my belt around your neck…” He pushes his face closer to mine and continues confidently, “…and fuck you in the ass!”

I struggle to respond, nodding my head, all I can manage is a “Mmmhmm…”

Grinning, he jumps to his feet and crosses the room to pull his belt from his jeans. Folding it over he slaps it against his hand. I watch excitedly as he stands beside the bed completely naked, his cock standing at attention as he tests the belt on his palm. I roll onto my stomach, my face in the pillow. He lifts my foot and smacks the leather strap on the bottom of it. Pulling the other foot up he repeats the double smack. Letting my feet fall, he pounces onto the bed between my legs grabbing my hips he pulls my ass up in the air. He uses his knee to push my feet closer to me, propping my ass even higher. He lets go and I hold my breath, bracing myself.

“Smack!” The leather hits my ass cheek, hard. Fiery spikes surge through my nerve endings, wetness drips from my pussy lips. “Smack!” Again the pain sets my skin on fire. Grabbing my hair, he pulls until I’m upright on my knees. Pushing my hair aside, he puts the belt around my neck from behind and pulls until its snug. I immediately go weak, my body refusing to support itself. He pulls back on the belt to keep me upright and I feel my limbs starting to go numb. Catching my balance for a moment allows me a gasp of air. That same gasp immediately comes “whooshing” back out as he shoves his fingers back into my hot slit, taking my breath away all over again. Pulling them back out, he slides one finger into my ass and one back in my pussy. His fingers fuck both holes simultaneously.  He knows my body so well, it doesn’t take him long to bring me to the edge. He pulls the belt tighter and growls, “Look at me!” I try turning my head toward him but the belt is so tight I can hardly move. Just as I feel my orgasm hit me, everything goes black.

Blinking my eyes as I come to, I feel slightly disoriented. He is still behind me, between my legs, breathing hard. His fingers are still inside me. I feel my own wetness along the inside of my thighs and between my ass cheeks. I manage a glance back in his direction and am greeted by his maniacal grin and his deep dark eyes are beaming with excitement and passion. Pushing both fingers deep inside me he continues to fuck me. I am quickly right at the edge again, the belt still tight around my throat. The orgasm hits me and this time he doesn’t tighten the belt. I come, hard. The orgasm rocking my entire body leaving every single muscle shaking and weak.

Dazed and disoriented,  he pulls me to my feet using the belt as a leash he leads me across the room until we are standing together in front of the mirror. I quietly comment, “Not your everyday reflection” He smiles pulling me closer to him. He kisses my forehead gently and says, “No. And I love it.” Th roughout this romantic moment his hard on has not subsided, his dick still standing at full attention. Smiling he pulls the belt off and leads me back to the bed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I drag deeply on my cig then smash it out in the ashtray. Licking my lips, I turn my attention to his throbbing cock. Placing my lips around it I begin sucking and licking, desperate to relieve him. He groans out loud when the tip hits the back of my throat, reaching down he holds me there til my gag reflex responds. I can always tell he loves that moment, its like choking me out. He loves it and so I love it too. I continue my mission, staring up at him with watery eyes. He reaches down to touch my breasts, squeezing them together he says, “Lay back. I want to cum on you!”

A silly smile on my face, I lay back. He climbs on top of me, straddling my chest. His cock is throbbing and ready to burst. I excitedly watch him stroking with determination. Squeezing my tits together, I beg softly, “Please baby. I want you to cum all over me. Please…” He slides between my breasts thrusting his hips. His hand grasps the base of his cock and another long moan escapes his lips. He shakes on top of me as cum explodes out of him in a thick stream across my chest. Finally the last drops ooze out dripping onto my sticky skin.

He exhales loudly in relief as he rolls off of me onto his back beside me, panting and smiling. Opening his arms, he manages, “Come here baby.” I curl myself into his embrace and we drift off to sleep together.


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