Unexpected Reunion

Warning: Unfinished. ….
She holds her breath, her heart racing. She has awaited feeling his touch again for a long time and finally,  83 miles outside of the city limits,  his hand is on her leg. Flashing her a sideways smile from the driver’s seat he squeezes her playfully. Exhaling deeply, she leans over and rests her head on his shoulder. They cruise further into the desert night in silence.  His hand inches up her inner thigh until his pinky touches the middle seam of her pants. Slowly and softly he begins rubbing his hand against her. Straightening back up, she rocks her hips forward at a matching pace. “Mmmm…” She bites her bottom lip, tilting her head back as he picks up speed. She feels the natural high they had been discussing earlier. The car begins to drift over the white line and his hand flies back to the steering wheel. “Oops” He says with a grin. She squirms in her seat desperate for more. “Both hands.” He reminds himself out loud, gripping the wheel. Still feeling buzzed, she giggles and returns her head to his shoulder. She runs her hand up over his leg and when she reaches his zipper she is pleasantly surprised to feel his dick, swollen and hard beneath his jeans. Excitedly she rubs along his shaft and traces the tip with her fingers. He groans softly, shifting in his seat. “Mmmm…” She tugs at his zipper flap and whimpers pleadingly into his ear. He takes her hand in his, “We’re almost there baby girl.”
Practically leaping out of the car, she nearly forgets her bags from the trunk. She smiles at him, her face glowing in the neon casino lights. “Come on, Daddy!” Practically skipping she pulls him past the noisy flashing slot machines straight to the hotel registration desk. “You know check out is 11 am.” The clerk says with a hint of sarcasm. The attitude doesn’t even phase her. Smiling warmly as she picks up the pen to sign, she replies, “That’s fine.” Scribbling a signature, she asks for directions to the room. She thanks the clerk, takes the room keys and resumes her anxious trot towards the long hallway of numbered doors.
She counts outloud “119, 121, 123” then she excitedly exclaims, “125!”
She tries the key card but it doesn’t open. He tries the door and it still won’t open. They head back down the hall towards the casino and the front desk. After trading their keycards, they are back at door 125. This time the light turns green and the lock slides open.
Tossing her bags on the bed she teasingly asks which bed he wants. He puts the key cards on the table, “brb” he says with a charming grin before dipping into the bathroom. She pulls the curtains closed and flops down onto the second bed. Lying back she stretches her legs out across the bed. Quickly, she fluffs her curly hair and pulls her shirt down exposing the curves of her cleavage


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