Wake Up….

She blinks her eyes, trying to forcefully push her sleepy brain into focus. Between her legs, he pushes his fingers inside her with equal forcefulness. Plunging in and out, his tongue finds her clit. Gasping out loud, she grinds back against him. His tongue feverishly laps up her wetness, his fingers eliciting more with each thrust deep inside her. A drawn out “Ohhhhh fuucckkkk!!” is the last intelligible thing she can manage, succumbing to him completely… She grabs at his sheets, grasping them tightly as she cums. The drawn out anticipation of this moment only intensifies its bliss. Fuzzy and floating on the most natural high she rolls onto her back, trying to catch her breath.
He barely pauses, continuing to devour her with enthusiasm. Gripping the outside of her thighs, he drags his tongue along her slit teasingly slow. His fingers slipping back inside her at the same tortuous pace. She thrusts her hips towards him, urging him deeper. As his fingers pick up speed  his tongue does too and it doesn’t take long for her to reach the edge again. Her hands on the back of his head, she rocks her hips with a frenzied passion. Moaning loudly, arching her back off the bed, she cums, hard. She collapses back still struggling to catch her breath. He looks up from between her legs with a smile, “Sorry to wake you.”


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