Her milky skin is soft under my fingers. She arches back against me as I drag my hand down her spine and over the luscious curve of her ass. Pushing my hand between her thighs from behind, I touch her soft pussy lips with my finger tips. Gently rubbing against her clit, I imagine what she would taste like on my tongue. Licking my lips, I kiss her shoulder blades longingly. She reaches up and pulls her blonde hair out of my way. As I kiss her neck, she moans out loud. Her wetness is all over my fingers allowing one to slide inside her easily. I mumble into her skin, “mmmm.”

From behind me, he grips my hips lifting my ass up into the air. When he pulls me back onto his waiting cock, she slips out of my reach. Burying his throbbing cock inside me, he thrusts even deeper eliciting a drawn out moan, “ooooohhhh dddaaadddyyy!”

She is on her back in front of me, I push her creamy thighs open wider and slowly drag my tongue along her slit. She tastes so sweet! He growls out loud, grabbing my hair from behind, he pushes my face into her pussy. He fucks me harder as I lick her clit, sucking it into my mouth makes her beg me not to stop. I happily oblige. At the same time, I slip my finger inside her again. Licking her and fucking her with my fingers, I keep perfect rhythm with his thrusting deep inside me.

Her moans are getting louder and so are mine. He keeps fucking me harder and her pussy is so wet my fingers make a sloshing sound as they dip inside her tight little lips. Turning my head to the side, I can feel his cock throb and he groans as his cum spurts inside me. At the same time, my pussy tightens around his cock and my whole body spasms and shakes.

My moaning is muffled by her thigh. Still fucking her with my fingers, I am coming so hard i can hardly see straight. Just then, a gush of wetness splashes the bed as she cries out loud. Her thighs clamp tightly around my head and her hips buck. The hot sticky liquid leaks from her pussy onto the bed. Breathless, we all collapse together onto the bed. Pulling us into his arms he kisses the top of our heads with a smile.


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