Once upon a time, I was just a girl named Jes. I slept around and partied and had no idea that what I was living was not my destined life. At some point, I became curious about what else there was beyond meaningless hook ups and drug induced stupor. I dismissed all of the stereotypes and labels that had been taught to me and instead I explored and came up with my own interpretations. It opened my eyes to a whole new world! Suddenly, being a submissive was no longer weird or weak, it was a beautiful little kitten surrendering herself to Him in every way. Bondage was no longer an excuse to be abusive, it was an ultimate trust and an intimacy deeper than any other. Pain became pleasure. Enjoying sex still made me a slut but that was not a bad thing anymore and it was my choice to make. And that was only the beginning…

I was free and felt more alive than ever. How had I gone nearly 24 years not even seeing the world around me? It was full of color and joy beyond my wildest dreams. My body was amazingly strong and my tolerance for pain grew daily. My enjoyment of that pain grew steadily beside it. Experiences I had never even dreamed of became part of my every day life. I explored every aspect of alt lifestyle, online and in real life. I came across relationships and practices that I had never even heard of. They were all so unique, each having their own purpose perfectly suited to the participants. All the while I was realizing my true self. I am a kitten, through and through. Eventually I explored even further, practicing as a Domme/sub switch. I developed two separate personalities – a small submissive kitten and a sadistic demanding Mistress Angel. These were not characters I wrote about or a show I put on, they were both me and still I maintained pieces of my original self acting as a mediator between the two opposing sides. And so, you have been introduced to the complicated creature I am so thankful to be. Jes, a kitten and an Angel, all in one.